Are You ready for exams?

Is this your initial reaction when you are told that it is time to prepare for exams? Does the thought of studying and writing exams make you super anxious?

Fear not!! Here are some exam preparation tips, tricks, and resources to help you succeed on your exams this month and succeed confidently.

Exam Prep Tips

SQ4R Study Strategy

Tips for Writing Your Exams

The Forgetting Curve

Research has shown that when you study or review material it is natural for us to forget over time. However, with spaced repetition and review, we will forget what we learned less and less.

Remember to Get Enough Sleep

In today’s busy world and as your schedules fill up with multiple activities, I feel that sleep isn’t overrated enough. We all seem to downplay the amount of sleep we get on a regular basis and brag about how little sleep we actually do get. However, when it comes down to exams, it is so important that you get enough sleep the night before and avoid cramming if you want to perform successfully. This is why it is so important to start studying for your exams earlier, so that you don’t have to pull ‘all-nighters’ the night before.

So, why is sleep so important?

Watch this TED Ed Talk about how sleep helps you to recall and remember information.