Library Orientations

This week we have started with grade 9 Library Orientation Workshops in the library. These workshops are meant to introduce students to our library space and make them aware of the resources, services, and activities that we provide for all students.

We recognize that, over the past 2 years due to COVID, not all students have attended a library orientation, so it’s always a good idea to remind them about some key points.

Here is what you need to know (in a nutshell) about using our library:

Welcome Back to School!

Hello Sacred!

Welcome back to another school year, but not just any school year.  We are happy to return to a school year that feels very much like pre-COVID and we welcome back a sense of normalcy.

I hope you are all having a successful start to the school year and I want to welcome you back to our Library Learning Commons.

I am so happy to see that students are coming into the library to use the space.  Our mornings are very busy!!  The library is an inclusive, welcoming, and safe space for all students and we hope our students know that when they walk through our doors.

This is our NEW library website and it will the be the hub for all online resources you can access 24/7.  Don’t forget to bookmark this link to your device for easy access in the future.  Stay tuned for new posts about resources that can support your learning, current events, monthly themes, or other ‘sacred’ findings.

Remember to follow us on Twitter and Instagram using the links at the top of the page.

Have a great year and we look forward to your visit in the library.

Welcome to the Library by Lisa Loffredi